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5 Winter Maintenance Tasks Not To Miss At Your Multifamily Property

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Winter has officially settled in across the U.S., bringing with it colder temperatures, promises of winter wonderlands, and potentially hazardous conditions for multifamily properties. 

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac’s 2024 winter predictions, large parts of the country can expect freezing temperatures and above average snowfall. With this in mind, it’s time to prioritize winter maintenance before it’s too late and you’re stuck paying the price later. Here are our top 5 winter maintenance tasks not to miss at your multifamily property!

Inspect the Roof & Clear the Gutters

Now’s the time to check your roof for minor damage to avoid major damage later. Have your roofing inspected by professionals for cracks, loose shingles, and areas prone to water pooling. These small imperfections may be tempting to leave to deal with at a later date, but the expansion of freezing water in these areas is going to cause a much larger headache down the line. 

While you’re up there, take this time to clear the gutters of any leftover debris from fall. From fallen leaves to mud and gunk, any remains can cause water build up, resulting in damage to the gutters themselves, and eventually the roof.

Winterize Your Pipes

With temperatures quickly dropping it’s important to safeguard interior and exterior piping at your property. Drain and detach any outdoor hoses, hookups, and faucets to avoid damage from frozen water. Inside, avoid ruptures by installing insulation to pipes that have the potential of being exposed to the cold.

Service Your HVAC

Whether it’s extreme hot or, in this case, extreme cold, the last thing you want is your HVAC to be working harder than it needs to during a change in weather. With the forecast predicting below-average temperatures, it’ll be more important than ever to have your HVAC systems serviced to ensure they’ll keep residents warm all winter long. Not only does this help avoid failure of the machines from overworking, but regular servicing helps maintain longevity.

Trim Trees & Large Bushes

If you live in an area where snow and ice are the norm, don’t skimp on winter landscaping. Have the trees and large shrubs on your property trimmed wherever necessary by industry professionals. Heavy snow and ice on overgrown plants near buildings and walkways can cause property damage and injury to people. Don’t risk it!

Plan for Snow Removal

On the note of snow, be sure to plan ahead of time for its removal on your property. Do your research now  to secure a trusted vendor. This will save you the high costs of last-minute bookings and give you peace of mind that this pesky task is already taken care of. Don’t know any reliable snow removal companies around you? Make use of ManageGo’s newest maintenance feature, Worksource: a powerful new tool connecting property managers with qualified maintenance professionals.

Winter comes every year, and it’s rarely full of surprises. Now that you have a starting point with 5 common winter maintenance tasks, let’s implement them! Use a modern property management software to schedule recurring maintenance tasks ahead of time and stay on-top of seasonal jobs. Plus, keep track of your winter maintenance to-do with our downloadable checklist!

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