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3 Keys to Sourcing Reliable Maintenance Vendors for Your Properties

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Maintenance is a make or break facet of property management…pun intended. Efficient, quality, and reliable maintenance work ensures that both your property and your residents are taken care of. But how can you know that your vendors are qualified, trustworthy professionals? If you’ve been in the industry a while, you’ll be the first to know it can be a challenge to secure the right workers for any given maintenance job. And if you’re new to the business, you’re probably wondering… “where do I even start?”

As always, we’ve got your back! Here are our three keys to sourcing reliable maintenance vendors for your properties. 

Know Where to Look

Your first instinct might be to type in the type of contractor you need into your Google search bar. But before you dive into that deep end, let us stop you there. Odds are, that general search will produce thousands of search results, and how can you know the one you pick will be a reliable, long-lasting vendor that’s fit for the job?

Our first piece of advice in finding maintenance workers is to lean on a trusted network of property management professionals. Word of mouth is almost always going to be a good bet, though you’ll definitely be working with quality over quantity. Further, you could seek out maintenance-specific job boards; though these aren’t often multifamily property focused.

A recent development to certain property management software includes job boards built-into maintenance platforms. This is by far the simplest, most reliable source for maintenance vendors in property management. For example, ManageGo’s brand new feature, Worksource, allows users to request quotes from local contractors straight from their maintenance tickets. In one place, your team can request job-specific workers that are trusted by property professionals. How much easier could it get?

Don’t Overlook Specialists

It might be tempting to hire one company to cover all maintenance needs, but property maintenance is a huge umbrella covering many areas of expertise. From pest control to roofing to electrical and plumbing, expecting one professional or company to excel in every one of these areas is unrealistic at best. When searching for contractors, make it a priority to search for specialists. In ManageGo’s Worksource, easily filter vendors by specialty, to guarantee your vendors reflect your needs.

Be a Great Employer

Just as you’re eager to hire great vendors, vendors are eager to work for great employers. Once you’ve managed to secure reliable contractors, the next important step is to keep them coming back to work for you. The best way to do that? Be a great employer! You (hopefully) know how to retain your onsite staff, but retaining contractors requires a different approach. Check out our three tips enhancing your vendor relationships to start off on the right foot with your new hires.

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