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Enhance Vendor Relationships in 3 Easy Steps

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You might think of vendors as another replaceable cog in your rental business machine, but today we want to challenge you to rethink that mindset. The vendors you hire provide real value and have the power to make or break your success as a property manager. These relationships you foster with contractors have a rippling effect throughout your business and affect more than just the work they do. At the end of the day, you are responsible for the maintenance and repairs requested by your residents, so they will blame you when contractors don’t do their job or produce lazy work. In this blog post, we’ll examine how you can enhance your vendor relationships in just three easy steps and avoid sloppy maintenance and frustrated residents at your properties.

Pay on Time

Paying your vendors on time communicates that you value and respect their work. I mean, if anyone knows how it feels to not receive a check on time, it’s you as a property manager. Holding yourself accountable to this simple task will create trust between you and your vendors and enhance your rapport long-term. Delayed payments are only going to affect their quality and willingness to work. Timely payments will increase your chances that they’ll return to work for you, which is what you want once you find stellar contractors. 

Communicate Often

Clear communication is always important when it comes to business relationships, but this is especially true for your conduct with your vendors. Transparent, consistent communication makes your expectations clear and will help you avoid running into problems caused by simple misunderstandings. A great way to keep communication open and tasks clear is by utilizing maintenance management software. With ManageGo’s solution, you can privately message your vendors about their jobs through our mobile application for quick, easy communication on the go.

Utilize Technology

Property management software is a phenomenal way to streamline the entire maintenance process at your properties, and offering these types of tools may be attractive to vendors. Our maintenance platform allows property managers to automatically assign requests and repairs to the appropriate vendor so every ticket ends up in the right hands. Residents can attach both videos and photos to their requests, so contractors have an idea of what they’re getting into and can get to the bottom of maintenance issues quicker. Providing modern tools to your workers makes their job easier, and who doesn’t appreciate that?

The Bottom Line

Once you find vendors who produce quality work you can trust, it’s invaluable to keep them around. By paying them on time, being an excellent communicator, and giving them access to technology, you’re letting them know they’re valued members of your team, and you’ll keep them coming back to work for you–and likely even prioritizing you as a top client. The effects of a healthy relationship with your vendors are far-reaching–from your property’s well-being to your relationships with your residents. Happy vendors result in happy residents, and happy residents stay around.

No matter your business goals, ManageGo has your back. To discover just how our software solutions can benefit you and your unique property management needs, request a demo today. Or, connect directly with one of our experts and get started on your journey to better property management. 

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