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The Top 4 Pet Amenities for Dog-Friendly Apartments

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Being a pet owner is a huge responsibility, and living in an apartment building can make things more difficult. Usually, dog owners look for amenities that will accommodate them and their pup. This guide will walk you through the top pet amenities for dog-friendly apartments. Let’s get started! 

The top four amenities for dogs in apartment buildings are:

1. Dog parks

Dogs need to go outside multiple times every day for exercise and to use the bathroom, so a very common issue for dog owners living in apartments is a lack of outdoor space. We recommend utilizing some of your property’s outdoor space to build a dog park. In case you didn’t know, you too can benefit from building a dog park as a property manager. You’ll completely get rid of any worries or concerns about the landscape of your property getting ruined. Also, giving dogs a place to play outside will decrease the chance of inside play and reduce the risk of damage to the inside of your property. 

2. Dog-friendly amenity spaces

Dog owners love to bring their dog anywhere and everywhere. Even though the little pup doesn’t belong at the gym, there are other amenity spaces where you can create a dog-friendly environment. Imagine how thrilled your residents would be if they could  bring their dog to the BBQ or patio on beautiful sunny days! 

Think about making these amenity spaces dog-friendly:

  • Rooftop patios
  • BBQ and grill courtyards
  • Event spaces
  • Business centers
  • Resident lounges

Don’t forget to display signs around the property that clearly indicate which spaces are dog-friendly and which aren’t.  

3. Apartment dog wash

Have you ever thought about adding a dog wash station, or even a pet spa, to your property? Maybe a dog wash station with a pet spa in it? Either way, this would be an amazing investment for you, because residents are willing to spend more for convenience nowadays.  You’ll also save your property from going through damages and repairs in the future (FYI: pet hair can clog the drain, especially if it’s thick). But most importantly, your residents will thank you for having a place to bathe their pets — and so will the floors of your lobby! 

4. Pet concierge services

A new and trending amenity for dog-friendly apartments is a pet concierge service. A pet concierge can give residents a list of pet-service providers like dog walkers, sitters, and even vets so they can easily schedule services or appointments while saving money. Now that’s an enhanced living experience!

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