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Last-Minute Holiday Celebrations Guaranteed to Bring Cheer to Your Multifamily Property

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Fa – la – la – la – wait. It’s December already? Time flies when you’re managing multifamily properties! While you were busy collecting late rent payments, scheduling annual winter maintenance, and closing out your Q4 books, the holiday season reared its head. Fortunately, we put together a list of celebrations that are guaranteed to liven up your multifamily properties, just in time for the holidays. Check out our top 6 last-minute holiday events to host at your multifamily properties!

Hot Cocoa Bar

Setting up a hot chocolate bar is a simple but effective way to bring warmth to your multifamily community! Grab the ingredients for traditional hot cocoa: hot water, hot chocolate mix, mini marshmallows, and garnishes like cinnamon sticks or candy canes. Set up a spread with the ingredients and necessary utensils in your building’s lobby or frequented community area, and let your residents enjoy! We love this one for its minimal planning, cost-effectiveness, and popularity amongst all age groups.

Ugly Sweater Contest

Don’t have the time or resources to throw a full-blown event? Don’t sweat it (it’s December after all). Host an Ugly Sweater Contest through your property’s social media accounts! Make a post on your social page, collect contestant photos, and let your staff vote for a winner. Make it worthwhile by partnering with a local small business, like the neighborhood coffee shop, to giveaway a gift card or small treat to the resident with the ugliest sweater!

Pictures with Santa

A classic for a reason, pictures with Santa is a phenomenal way to engage young families at your multifamily property. Hire a trusted Santa and set up a photo station in a large amenity space. Advertise in advance to maximize turn out and go the extra mile by setting out holiday-themed treats. 

Bonus: make it pet-friendly for extra-cute photos!

Sound Bath Yoga

Looking for a less-obvious event for your residents? Hold a sound bath yoga class in addition to your regular class line-up! A sound bath is a type of meditation that uses sound vibrations to relax attendees – a great way to de-stress during the hectic holiday season. This type of experience pairs well with yoga, which makes it a convenient way to spruce up a class you already have planned. 

Candle Making Workshop

Nothing screams holidays like the coziness of a pine-scented candle. Although a bit more intensive than other events on this list, with the sourcing of the right teacher, it can come together pretty easily! We love this event as it’s both a holiday-neutral celebration, and a great way for residents to hand-make a gift for a loved one during giving season. 

Pro-tip: stress the importance of candle safety during and after this type of workshop! You don’t want to be dealing with emergencies, like candle fires, during your winter break.

Holiday Trivia Night

Hosting a holiday trivia night is a fun way to liven up a multifamily community and get residents excited about the season. Gather a set of trivia questions (and answers!) from Google and print out blank answer sheets for your guests. Volunteer a staff member with a great hosting voice, or hire a local actor to bring life to the trivia questions. Not only is this event fun for all ages, it’s also a great way to learn about all the diverse celebrations that happen during the winter months. 

Bringing It All Together

Whichever events you choose to arrange, we recommend keeping two things in mind: 

First, simply hosting an event isn’t enough to engage residents. Consider the residents’ experience before, during, and after each event, and how that translates to meaningful engagement, and ultimately, retention. For expert tips on maximizing engagement, check out our recent podcast episode on multifamily events!

Second, convenience is king. Imagine going through all the trouble of pulling together a candle-making workshop, only for a few residents to turn up. Ask yourself: did we advertise the event thoroughly? Did we have clear instructions on how to RSVP? And did we make the process of signing-up as simple as possible? Having a comprehensive concierge solution in your back pocket will help you tick all these boxes, and ensure your events run as smoothly as possible.  

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