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How to Take Advantage of Self-Service in Property Management

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Maybe it’s because technology has made us all avoidant, digital recluses, or perhaps it’s just that people are tired of jumping through hoops to get simple tasks done. Whatever the case, self-service is on the rise–and it’s not going anywhere. According to Nuance Enterprise, 75% of consumers say that self-service is a convenient way to address service issues, and 67% say they prefer self-service to speaking with a company representative. So what exactly is self-service, and how can you take advantage of it in property management?

What is Self-Service?

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Self-service refers to consumers helping themselves to solve issues and perform tasks. Think of everything from a grocery store self-checkout to the FAQ pages found on most websites. From customer autonomy to an increase in efficiency and convenience, the benefits of this customer service trend are significant. A quick glance at the aforementioned statistics, and it’s abundantly clear the direction we’re going. In the digital age, however, much of the self-service conversation begins and ends at customer support, but today we really want to focus on what it means in the context of the everyday resident experience in property management.

Why It’s Beneficial to Property Management

Employing self-service systems is a no-brainer for property managers for two major reasons. One, considering a majority of consumers across industries prefer self-service, it’s bound to increase resident satisfaction. Happy residents are residents that will:

a) want to rent from you long-term and

b) leave good reviews and recommend your property to others.

Two, the more places where a resident can help themselves, the fewer places your team needs to be. That’s a simple way to reduce labor costs and increase your overall NOI.

How to Implement Self-Service at Your Properties

The key to providing seamless self-service to your residents lies in a property management software that provides residents with a portal to interact with your property. Whether online or through our mobile app, ManageGo’s resident portal provides renters the ability to serve themselves in both their homes and around your property with our automation tools. 

Take, for example, paying rent every month. Before PropTech, residents would need to either gather cash, obtain a money order, or write a check and physically deliver it to your team. With our solution, residents can take advantage of automatic payments and submit their rent autonomously–with just a one-time set-up. Residents also have the autonomy to submit maintenance requests and ditch the messy email threads, reserve classes & amenities, and even grant their guests key access without the traditional roadblocks. With all of these tools, residents can cut to the chase instead of constantly having to flag down your onsite team for assistance. When all else fails and a resident finds themselves unable to complete a task or solve an issue on their own, ManageGo offers live support for the resident portal and online payments. By employing easy-to-use software, residents can enjoy the self-service experience they’re after and get what they need in a more efficient and convenient way.

No matter your business goals, ManageGo has your back. To discover just how our software solutions can benefit you and your unique property management needs, request a demo today. Or, connect directly with one of our experts and get started on your journey to better property management. 

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