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How Technology Can Improve Your Maintenance Experience (PropTea Podcast Ep. #1)

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Big news coming from the ManageGo office: we recently launched our new podcast, the PropTea Podcast! Crafted to give you the ultimate lowdown on all the latest trends happening now in the real estate industry, every month we share valuable tips on becoming a better property manager, owner, and board member. Covering everything from industry leader advice to wellness tips for better work/life balance, it’s your new source for all things property management tea. 

After over a decade of operating in the property management industry, we’ve found that maintenance can be a contentious point between residents and property managers. That’s why on this episode, we spoke with ManageGo’s very own VP of Growth, Larry Bazykin, on how technology can improve your maintenance experience. 

As property managers know, basic maintenance is a large piece of the resident experience puzzle. So what are some common issues between maintenance teams and renters?

Larry: The current state of communication between property managers and the residents. Most of the time a resident is going to call the main office line–the leasing office. They’re not speaking directly to the maintenance technician and they don’t have that relationship. Whereas the onsite property managers or the office staff do. They dispatch a maintenance technician or super to go out and resolve the issue, and that’s the one key area where now it’s a different person that you might not be familiar with. They might not really care about your maintenance issue as passionately as you do, especially since they have maybe 10 to 20 other things to get done later in the day. That lack of personal touch can be a barrier or friction throughout the whole process.”

So a main pain point is identified, but what exactly can property managers do to improve this less-than-ideal experience? 

Larry: “Step one is to digitize your maintenance process from A to Z. As soon as your pen touches paper, you’re already setting yourself up for failure. By digitizing and employing a tracking system, you have a way to organize your tickets accordingly to your staff so you’re not flooding one person with too many issues to deal with. You definitely need a system in place to manage that.”

With an all-in-one maintenance platform like ManageGo’s, property managers can automatically assign requests and repairs to the appropriate technician so every ticket ends up in the right hands. Residents can attach both videos and photos to their requests, so the maintenance team has an idea of what they’re getting into and can get to the bottom of maintenance issues quicker. Implementing this type of technology improves communication tenfold, and takes away any dreaded friction between maintenance teams, property managers, and their residents.

Listen to the full episode above as Larry and our host Erica delve deeper into the intersection of maintenance and technology–from how to incentivize a team to take the leap into software used to the endless benefits you’ll reap from the switch to tech. For all of our listeners aspiring to a career in sales, stay tuned for exclusive sales tips from an expert. And at the end of every PropTea episode, look out for a wellness tip to corporate into your life to foster a healthy work/life balance in the real estate industry.

No matter your business goals, ManageGo has your back. To discover just how our software solutions can benefit you and your unique property management needs, request a demo today. Or, connect directly with one of our experts and get started on your journey to better property management. 

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