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Houston, We Have a Package Problem (PropTea Podcast Ep. #7)

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The e-commerce industry is booming, with no signs of slowing down. Who doesn’t enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery, after all? But as quickly as it’s growing, so is the threat of package theft. And when you live in a multifamily community, it’s property managers who bear the brunt of the package problem. From real-world delivery statistics to insights on the true cost of missing packages, check out this month’s podcast highlights to learn how to enhance your delivery management –  the modern way!

Should I really be concerned about package theft?

The short answer? Yes! The statistics speak for themselves…

Erica: “Three of four Americans have been victims of package theft in their lifetime. That says a lot. Over 210 million packages were stolen all over the US in 2021 and then 260 million in 2022…That is a lot of packages that have been stolen…

Plus, 40% of package theft occurs in apartment communities. I mean, I’m not necessarily surprised by this. There are a lot of people who go into multifamily buildings and apartment communities every single day. It is very, very hard to keep track. Especially if you live in a building that doesn’t have a reception area, a front desk person, or someone who’s manning the package area.”

How does it affect my property management business?

Erica: “The package problem is costly and not just for your residents. Residents will start to feel insecure about the place that they live in, which can really reduce retention rates… and the likelihood of them renewing their leases. And it is extremely expensive to acquire new residents versus retaining your current ones.

This can also lead to poor reviews and ratings online that can spread rapidly. So, you want to take action. Don’t let your residents down when there are turnkey solutions for this common issue. Provide the trust and security that your residents deserve and save them from the headache of misplaced or stolen packages.

Put in the effort now and it will make a lasting impression. Your residents will thank you for it later.”

So, how can I combat the package problem at a multifamily property?

Erica: “A practical way to prevent package theft is to really invest in a package management platform like our ManageGo Concierge bundle. In that bundle, we have package management, and with that, you can really have full transparency of incoming, outgoing, and offsite packages visible to not just your staff but also your residents…Your staff will be able to scan them and then your resident will get a notification…and then they’ll know they have a package waiting for pin-secured pickup.

…It’s also a good reflection on you as a property manager to have such a high-tech system in place to really make sure that your residents are never losing their packages.”

Now that you know the severity of the package problem, why you should care as a property manager, and the initial steps you can take to combat it, it’s time to listen to the full episode! Join Erica as she gives us more practical ways to address this issue, an in-depth look at ManageGo’s package management features, and expert tips on how to pick the right package management software for your business. 

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