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Does Your Multifamily Building Need a Community Message Board?

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Maybe you’ve heard other property managers talk about them, maybe you use one yourself, or maybe this is your first time hearing about them. Community message boards: the most underrated, rewarding feature a property manager could offer.

But what exactly is a community message board, what are the benefits, and should you be taking advantage of one at your properties? Read on to find out!

What Is It and What Are the Benefits? 

Think of a community message board as your building’s own exclusive social media platform, where residents and management can interact online. The key differentiator between a traditional platform like Twitter or Reddit, and a community message board like ManageGo Engage, is the exclusive community access. Ideally, your message board is only accessible by your residents through a resident portal, giving them a unique opportunity to digitally interact with their neighbors.  

But why is this so beneficial? Here are our top 4 reasons:

1. It builds community

It seems as though neighbors are increasingly less likely to share a laugh with each other in lobbies and hallways, but all hope is not lost! If they’re good for one thing, digital forums are fantastic mediums to build a community. Just a simple app gives residents a low-stakes, enjoyable way to interact with their neighbors.

You may not care whether or not your neighbors are friendly amongst themselves – but we challenge you to consider the importance of a well-cultivated community. For renters in 2024, a sense of community is amongst the top value-drivers of a multifamily rental unit. In a nutshell, investing in ways to build community, like a digital message board, will set yourself apart from other properties – increasing prospective renters and helping to retain current ones.

2. It encourages resident engagement

An engaged resident is a resident that’s connected to your property – all the better for their chances of becoming (or staying) a long-term renter with you! On a digital community message board, residents can buy, sell, & trade, find nearby babysitters, dog walkers, & house cleaners, and even promote personal events & gatherings. The possibilities of engagement are endless, and it’s advantageous that you cash in on this type of connection.

3. It’s an effective means of communication

A community message board is a stellar place for both resident-resident communication and resident-staff communication. Forget the olden days of paper flyers in elevators and level up by using this tool for digital announcements. Whether you’re promoting an upcoming event, reminding residents of building rules, or notifying them of changes to office hours or common areas, a message board is your most effective way to keep residents in the loop about what’s happening in their community.

Should You Use One?

The benefits are crystal clear, but you may still be questioning whether it’s necessary for your own multifamily property. If that’s you, consider these three indicators:

The Size of Your Property

Does your property host tens of residents, or hundreds? It matters when looking at whether or not community message boards will be a success at your buildings. If you manage a humble 10-unit building without a robust amenity & event lineup, it may not be a worthwhile investment. If, however, you manage a huge property with hundreds of units with lots of property happenings, a community message board makes a bit more sense. With a larger property, you’ll have more to talk about with residents, and more residents to engage with the platform. 

The Demographic of Your Residents

Any type of communication software is going to be best embraced by digital natives, and may not be so successful with older generations. You might have hundreds of units, but if you’re building a senior living community, this tool is probably not for you. If, however, your renter base consists largely of students, Gen Z, or Millennials, your chances of success when implementing this technology skyrocket. Luckily, nearly half of all U.S. renters are under the age of 30, so there’s a fair chance a community message board is applicable to you.

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Resident Needs

Do your residents often come to you asking questions like “where’s the lost and found?” “can I put up a promotional flyer?” or “when’s the next resident mixer?”? If so, the solution is right in front of you. Chances are, if your residents are asking questions that can be answered on a community forum accessible from the phone in their pockets, it’s a sure sign you and your renters will benefit from its implementation. 

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