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Are You Ready for The Holidays? How to Prepare as a Property Manager

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The holiday season is quickly approaching, and we want to know: are you ready? Trust us, we know how busy these coming months get–but don’t fret, we’re here to make sure it goes smoothly at your property. In today’s article, we’ll be discussing the three things you can do today as a property manager to prepare for the season ahead.

Communicate Holiday Hours

No matter your personal holiday plans, you’ll likely be cutting hours for your business, or even closing your office for a period of time. If that’s the case, the sooner you solidify these modified hours, the better. Keeping your residents in the dark about your availability is only going to foster frustration, so it’s beneficial to communicate any updates regarding your office hours as soon as you know them. 

The most effective way to do this is by sending a mass message to your residents. With ManageGo’s Messages feature, it’s as easy as customizing our holiday office hours message template, and picking which recipients should receive it. In addition to that, post your new hours on your office doors, throughout the property, on your social media channels, and on your website.

Get Ahead on Maintenance Requests & Building Safety

Making an effort to catch up on outstanding maintenance requests will go a long way during the holiday season–and save you from an overload of requests waiting for you upon your return. Even better, make a point to take care of preventive maintenance at your property, and double-check your building safety to avoid the emergencies neglecting these could cause. Yes, we’re talking fires, leaks, and floods. You don’t want to be dealing with these ever, let alone during your one holiday break a year. From inspecting your various alarm systems to setting guidelines for residents’ holiday decorations, you’ll be glad you took care of these, even if just for your peace of mind. 

Stay Available for Emergencies

In the perfect property management world, your preventative maintenance and building safety systems will avert all emergencies so you can truly enjoy your break. But the reality is, no matter how much you prepare for the holidays, emergencies don’t celebrate Christmas…or Hanukkah…or the New Year. Emergencies could pop up at any time, so make sure you have a plan to deal with whatever may arise. When you alert your residents about your modified office hours, be sure to provide the phone number of who they should contact in the event of an emergency, and have at least one team member available to handle these situations. 

In Conclusion

It’s easy to neglect your business and deliver subpar customer service when you were scrambling to prepare for your time off in the first place. You want your residents to trust your management and live worry-free while you’re gone, so plan ahead to deliver the living experience they expect. Modern, all-in-one property management software makes this planning a breeze–whether it’s communicating with your residents, getting ahead on outstanding maintenance and preventative work, or making an emergency plan.

No matter your business goals, ManageGo has your back. To discover just how our software solutions can benefit you and your unique property management needs, request a demo today. Or, connect directly with one of our experts and get started on your journey to better property management. 

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